Friday, January 25, 2013

Exhibition dates and locations ... and just who are the writers behind the project?

The project's exhibition dates and locations have been finalized, and I am really excited to share the news. The project will be on display from March 15 through June 15 on the Vanderbilt campus and the locations couldn't be more perfect: centralized and well-traveled spots that will encourage cross-campus movement.

One of the locations will be on the 3rd floor of the Sarratt Student Center (the new addition) in a beautiful hallway space with floor-to-ceiling windows and an excellent view of the campus, including many excellent trees(!), which will mean a changing backdrop of light and the natural environment during the exhibition as the light changes throughout each day and the seasons shift from early spring to summer. The sculptures in the Sarratt Center will be placed along the window ledges.

The second spot will be on the other side of the library lawn in the central lobby/study area (across from the circulation desk) in the Stevenson Science and Engineering Library. And just like the Sarratt space, this location will also provide a changing backdrop, as one of the walls of that area is also floor to ceiling windows. These windows look out into a grassy area and those wonderful circular concrete stairs that remind one a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright meets giant, concrete nautilus. In this spot, the sculptures will be placed along a long shelf that runs perpendicular to the windows. One sculpture will probably also hang from ceiling to floor in front of one of the windows.

The writers in the project are a diverse group and are:

Vanderbilt undergraduates Tessa Chillemi, Caitlyn Danielle Le, and Ames Sanders; Vanderbilt staff members BeLinda Hall, Wanda Rogers, Janice Savage, and Lori Anne Parker-Danley; and
Vanderbilt faculty members Lisa Dordal, Rick Hilles,William Luis, and Nancy Reisman.

More about the writers and their writings to come. That was only the briefest and cursory introduction! And if this post is a bit on the dry side, please chalk that up to the cold I have that has left me in a partially brain-dead state. More mellifluous turns of phrases also to come.

Meanwhile, stay tuned, and please help spread the word about the project by joining the Identity Sculptures Project group on facebook, and of course, by then inviting your friends to do the same!

Stay tuned,

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